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Afghansite Mp3

04-Az Zendaganiam-Shala Zaland Afgha 4.803.10.08 22:21:02Shala Zaland Mp3Track 04 Mp3Always In love Mp30:04:00160S44
03-Yaran.mp3 16:04:40Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:04:14160S44
09-Lab-Hai-Khandan.mp3 17:19:46Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:04:20160S44
08-Romal-Ba-Saret.mp3 17:08:39Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:05:02160S44
06-Bei-Wafa.mp3 5.704.01.06 16:44:05Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:04:46160S44
01-Salam Afghanistan 5.304.01.13 03:19:21Farhad D Mp3Salam Afghanistan-AfghanSite Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:04:27160S44
04-Khooban.mp3 16:20:05Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:05:59160S44
04-Beeya Taa 7.504.01.13 03:39:54Farhad D Mp304-Pag Beeraar-AfghanSite Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:06:19160S44
05-Gham-e-Ashiqat.mp3 5.404.01.06 16:31:58Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:04:33160S44
01-To Mara Jano Jahani-Shala Zaland 22:01:15Shala Zaland Mp3Track 01 Mp3Always In love Mp30:03:30160S44
08-Ai-Ashqi-Namorahdah.mp3 17:13:19Wahid Qasimi Mp308 Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:04:10160S44
06-Yakdaana Gul 03:51:39Farhad D Mp306-Yakdaana Gul-AfghanSite Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:04:20160S44
01-Beem-Ast-Ke.mp3 15:21:38Wahid Qasimi Mp3Track 01 Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:05:00160S44
09-Sheen Raket 04:11:38Farhad D Mp309-Sheen Raket-AfghanSite Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:04:17160S44
05-Pag Beeraar 03:46:12Farhad D Mp305-Pag Beeraar-AfghanSite Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:05:00160S44
05-Madina-Shala Zaland 22:25:26Shala Zaland Mp3Track 05 Mp3Always In love Mp30:02:40160S44
02-Zandagi.mp3 4.304.01.06 15:53:58Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:03:36160S44
01-Zie-Yaarat.mp3 6.804.01.06 15:44:38Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:05:40160S44
02-Az-Dast.mp310.204.01.06 15:34:32Wahid Qasimi Mp302 Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:08:30160S44
02-Gul Sanam 5.604.01.13 03:25:23Farhad D Mp302-Gul Sanam Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:04:40160S44 05:05:35Salma & R. Jahani Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:04:14160S44
03-Omram Besar Rasid-Shala Zaland Af 4.703.10.08 22:14:14Shala Zaland Mp3Track 03 Mp3Always In love Mp30:03:58160S44 05:56:36Salma & R. Jahani Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:03:25160S44
09-Afsana-Ha.mp3 6.604.01.06 17:23:32Wahid Qasimi Mp309 Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:05:33160S44
06-Chida 5.704.01.13 05:31:43Salma & R. Jahani Mp306-Chida Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:04:46160S44
03-Sheeshta Baashom 03:31:53Farhad D Mp303-Sheeshta Baashom Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:05:11160S44
07-Saqhi 5.504.01.13 05:37:58Salma & R. Jahani Mp307-Saqhi Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:04:35160S44 5.904.01.13 05:48:37Salma & R. Jahani Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:04:57160S44
05-Hazrat-Shah.mp3 7.304.01.06 16:31:04Wahid Qasimi Mp305 Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:06:09160S44
08-Ala Delbar-Shala Zaland AfghanSit 3.903.10.08 22:43:45Shala Zaland Mp3Track 08 Mp3Always In love Mp30:03:15 05:52:03Salma & R. Jahani Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:02:33160S44
07-Peri-Man-Wa-Moradi-Man.mp3 8.304.01.06 17:02:53Wahid Qasimi Mp307 Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:06:55160S44
02-Yaram Tu 05:00:07Salma & R. Jahani Mp302-Yaram Tu Bashi-AfghanSite. Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:04:12160S44 8.704.01.13 05:25:13Salma & R. Jahani Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:07:19160S44
07-Yak-Shakha-Sokhan.mp3 5.604.01.06 16:56:07Yama Lodin Mp3Fire of Love Mp30:04:43160S44
06-Mahdah.mp3 6.704.01.06 16:45:22Wahid Qasimi Mp306 Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:05:36160S44
03-Jahan-Jonon.mp311.104.01.06 15:58:21Wahid Qasimi Mp303 Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:09:18160S44
08-Razi 3.604.01.13 05:42:03Salma & R. Jahani Mp308-Razi Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:03:01160S44
07-Delam Ba Peshe Delbar-Shala Zalan 3.903.10.08 22:38:07Shala Zaland Mp3Track 07 Mp3Always In love Mp30:03:16160S44
02-Bacha-Shala Zaland 4.603.10.08 22:07:52Shala Zaland Mp3Track 02 Mp3Always In love Mp30:03:54160S44
04-Namedanam.mp3 7.604.01.06 16:15:13Wahid Qasimi Mp304 Faith Mp3Wahid Qasimi Faith Mp30:06:23160S44 4.904.01.13 05:13:15Salma & R. Jahani Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:04:09160S44
01-Naz 4.304.01.13 04:54:49Salma & R. Jahani Mp301-Naz Danah-AfghanSite Mp3Dilbar Nazdana Mp30:03:35160S44
08-Maadaraam.mp3 04:06:05Farhad D Mp308-Maadaraam-AfghanSite Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:05:55160S44
07-Babulaa.mp3 6.604.01.13 03:58:39Farhad D Mp307-Babulaal-AfghanSite Mp3Farhad Darya Salam Afghanistan A Mp30:05:34160S44
06-Sanama-Shala Zaland 22:32:26Shala Zaland Mp3Track 06 Mp3Always In love Mp30:04:18160S44 5.603.08.08 07:53:16Habib Qaderi By Mp3Track 02 Mp3Cherished Memories By AfghanSite Mp30:04:40160S44 5.603.08.08 07:53:23Habib Qaderi By Mp3Track 07 Mp3Cherished Memories By AfghanSite Mp30:04:44160S44
03-SahilIshqe-KhaalakRoyet-AfghanSit 3.703.08.08 07:54:06Sahil Ishqe, Mp3Track 03 Mp30:03:56128S44 3.903.08.08 Mp3Track 01 Mp30:04:08128S44 4.903.08.08 Mp3Track 05 Mp30:05:12128S44
09-WahidQasimi-Zindagee-AfghanSite.c 4.603.08.08 Mp3Track 09 Mp30:04:51128S44 5.803.08.08 07:54:05Sahil Ishqe, Mp3Track 02 Mp30:06:04128S44 07:53:08Habib Qaderi By Mp3Track 01 Mp3Cherished Memories By AfghanSite Mp30:05:52160S44 4.703.08.08 07:53:11Habib Qaderi By Mp3Track 11 Mp3Cherished Memories By AfghanSite Mp30:03:57160S44
01-SahilIshqe-AtashTilaa-AfghanSite. 4.703.08.08 07:54:04Sahil Ishqe, Mp3Track 01 Mp30:04:59128S44
04-WahidQasimi-Faato-jon-AfghanSite. 3.403.08.08 Mp3Track 04 Mp30:03:34128S44
11-SahilIshqe-Dancewithme-AfghanSite 3.603.08.08 07:54:16Sahil Ishqe, Mp3Track 11 Mp30:03:49128S44
11.MP3 4.803.08.23 Mp30:05:44112S44
DJ IMMenSe-HabibQaderi Vs.Techno-Afg 5.403.10.04 19:18:55Habib Qaderi Remix DJ iMMenSe Af Mp3Habib Qaderi Remix DJ iMMenSe Mp3Habib Qaderi Remix DJ iMMenSe Af Mp3Afghan vs. TechNo
1.MP3 4.403.08.23 Mp30:05:21112S44
Nazi Jan - Wahjia Wa Rastagar Afghan 4.603.10.04 19:10:31Wajia & Rastagar Mp3Nazi Jan Mp30:04:52128S44
10.MP3 Mp30:06:10112S44

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